VoCA: Voices in Contemporary Art

Designed by Justin Visnesky, as part of Junior Varsity Studios, I developed and maintain the institutions suite of custom sites.

VoCA: Voices in Contemporary Art

VoCA: Journal

VoCA: Summit

My former portfolio site, still live for now. I went down a rabit hole of recreating Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard's TextEdit window using nothing but CSS (minus text and min/max "+/-" icons). When I came to, I had also made a Stickies window and they are drag and drop.

Obvisouly that work carried over to this site as well.

The site has was featured on Brutalist Websites,, and Creative Portfolios.

Visit the site.


I making web things to varying degrees of success over at Codepen.

Codepen Account

Pitts Burgh City - Cotton Bureau T-Shirt Design

A silly shirt I designed can be printed and sold on demand by Cotton Bureau here.